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Reminisce … and enjoy a treat from the ice cream parlor / soda fountain while meandering the nooks and crannies of an antique shop in an 1840s building …

The vintage oak and marble counters at The Inside Scoop evoke memories of an era gone-by. Together with the antique soda fountain, they were moved from an old ice cream parlor in southern Vermont and customized to fit perfectly in our 1840s building. Stepping into The Inside Scoop will definitely make you feel like you are strolling down Memory Lane!

The Inside Scoop, Brandon VT

Step right up to the counter

The Inside Scoop features Wilcox, Vermont’s Original Ice Cream. Besides scooping a tasty Cup or Cone, we are experts at making:

* Sundaes
* Floats (AKA Ice Cream Sodas)
* Milkshakes
* Fruit Smoothies
* Banana Splits
* Cold Drinks mixed from the Soda Fountain
* Torani Italian sodas
* Ice Cream Cakes in 3 sizes (with two flavors, a crushed cookie or heath bar crunch base / middle, light cream frosting and decoration from the candy jars)

Varieties available include:

* Premium Ice Cream
* Frozen Yogurts
* Sherbert
* Sorbet
* Fat-Free-No-Sugar-Added Ice Cream

Overall, we carry an average of 25 Flavors at any given time. There are dozens of Toppings to choose from to customize your treat. Seasonally, there is Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Vermont Coffee Company Iced Coffee or Hot Cocoa of local and imported varieties.

The Inside Scoop, Brandon VT

Vermont Products

Vermont specialty food products are always popular. We carry Maple Syrup from Mount Pleasant Sugarworks, just up the road apiece. Also, we have a full selection of Vermont Country Teas, Maple City Fudge, and Vermont Sweetwater Sodas. Vermont Coffee Company is fair trade and organic and is available brown-bagged or in bulk. Need it ground? No problem. We can do that for you.

The Inside Scoop, Brandon VT The Inside Scoop, Brandon VT The Inside Scoop, Brandon VT

These are just a few of the specialties we carry to bring a taste from your favorite state back home with you!

The Inside Scoop, Brandon VT The Inside Scoop, Brandon VT The Inside Scoop, Brandon VT

We search high and low to find the goodies you remember as a kid.

The Inside Scoop, Brandon VT The Inside Scoop specializes in hard-to-find, vintage, and retro candy. Experience the fizz of Zotz and the sensation of candy-turned-gum Razzles. Do you remember Abba Zaba, Idaho Spud and Cherry Mash? What about Licorice Wheels, Swedish Fish, and Nut Goodies? We’ve got Bazooka, Chuckles, Cherry Mash, and Pixie Stix, Skybars, Candy Necklaces and Candy Buttons! We’ve even found Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy (in banana, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate) All these candies, and many more of your long-forgotten favorites, are still being made today and are available here!

Inside Scoop, Brandon VT

Our sitting room is the perfect place to gather with friends

Inside Scoop, Brandon VT

Inside Scoop T-shirts are available in bright and bold colors

Inside Scoop, Brandon VT

T-shirts in lots of sizes

Each December, The Inside Scoop hosts “Decorate-Your-Own-Gingerbread-House” workshops. Check ’em out!

22 Park Street (next to the Brandon Inn)
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