Two Shops Under One Roof

and Brandon’s ONLY Public Color Copier Service

1-1-15:   On December 31, 2014, Joel and Janet closed The Inside Scoop and Antiques By The Falls. In the spring of 2015, a new proprietor will be opening The Inside Scoop and something new will be happening in the “back of the house.” Check back for updates when known. If you would like to reach Janet or Joel, please email at or call 802-236-3737. Their ebay store is called VermontEyeCandy.


To our customers:

We opened the shop doors on July 1, 2005, just in time for the Parade,  and have truly loved our years here. We have shared wonderful experiences with you all and have enjoyed getting to know you, making new friends, and watching the kids grow up!

But, it is now time for us to move on to the next stage of our lives. We are closing the shop doors at the end of 2014. We will continue to live in Brandon through next year and will be buying and selling antiques. We plan to sell at antique shows and we will continue and expand our eBay shop. Bookmark us; our shop name is: VermontEyeCandy. We plan to begin living and working nomadically before winter 2015-2016.

The closing timetable:

  • We will re-open on Sat., Nov. 15, although without ice cream. The freezers will be empty!
  • We will be open every day (we won’t even close on Tuesdays but we will close on Thanksgiving and Christmas Days) through Wed., December 31.
  • From Nov. 15 – Dec. 31, we will be selling all non-edible items at discounted prices and tremendous savings. As the weeks progress, the discounts increase. However, the longer you wait, chances are that “special something” might be scooped up by someone else! We will close permanently on December 31.

Nov. 15  –  23: everything will be 25% off

Nov. 24  –  30: everything will be 30% off

Dec. 1  –  7: everything will be 35% off

Dec. 8  –  14: everything will be 40% off

Dec. 15  –  24: everything will be 45% off

Dec. 26  –  31: everything will be 50% off

  • On Sundays, December 7 and 14, we will be holding our popular Gingerbread Decorating event. Pre-registration required. Sign up for anytime between 11 am –  4 pm. Once again, we are offering private sessions for any group of 8 or more decorators. We can even do an evening party!

Thanks so much ~ Muchas gracias
Hugs! Janet and Joel


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22 Park Street
next to the Brandon Inn

Gift Certificates ~ Indoor Seating
Actively Buying ~ Wi-Fi

Open Year Round

The Inside Scoop

Antiques By The Falls

Color Copier & Fax Center

Nuts and Bolts (hours, location, etc)

The Inside Scoop and Antiques By The Falls, Brandon VT

The Inside Scoop and Antiques By The Falls in Brandon, VT

The Inside Scoop, Brandon VT

Ice cream lovers enjoying The Big Chair

Inside Scoop, Brandon VT

This is where you order your treat!

Joel and Janet Mondlak invite you to step inside The Inside Scoop and Antiques By The Falls,
situated in downtown Brandon, Vermont.

Antiques By The Falls, Brandon VT

The trip down Memory lane starts upon entering

Inside Scoop, Brandon VT

Our front lawn is the perfect place to find a front-row seat!

Inside Scoop, Brandon, VT

Look up, down and around every turn. There are treasures to be found.

Harry Potter Chalk Room, Brandon VT

Harry Potter Chalk Room. Kids, come write on the walls!

We are open +340 days a year!

22 Park Street (next to the Brandon Inn)
802-247-6600  ~  email: